Scalp Massage


Scalp Massage • 30 minutes – $40 • 45 minutes – $50 • 60 minutes – $60

Scalp massage produces serotonin that helps you stay active both physically and mentally, and keeps you relaxed and healthy. It also helps you to sleep better, improves good mood, increases memory, boosts up your brain and affects your social behavior. Take a break in-between a long day’s work, to sit and calm down with a warm cover around your neck, while our expert massage therapist give you a scalp massage. Help yourself get rid of your tension and stress, ease headaches and migraines; and stimulate blood flow. When your head and scalp is at ease, the whole of your body will feel refreshed and energetic. Our massage therapists who are excellent with acupressure techniques will use their palms and fingertips on certain points on the head and follow the energy line (meridians) to release the blocked energy, which results in bringing you the profound relaxation your mind needs. You will wake up to continue the rest of your day with rejuvenated body and mind.