Dangers of Amateur Massage

boulder blogMassage involves the application of force and pressure to specific parts of the body to relieve tension and stress,promote relaxation and help in recovering from injuries. A professional massage therapist will know exactly how much force to apply, in what way and for how long so as to maximize the benefits of the massage. However, if the pressure is not applied in the right way to the right places, not only will the massage be unsatisfactory, it could also be hazardous, starting from short term pain to more serious long term injuries. That is why any form of amateur massage can be dangerous. Even if you have had massages from a friend or partner before, on a specific day your body may be more susceptible to injury which neither you or the person giving the massage may be aware of. Or pressure may be accidentally placed on a part of the body that professional therapists avoid because they know the harm that can be caused. There are some parts of the body that experts avoid. [Read more…]

How to Evaluate a Massage Therapist

BoulderSo you enjoyed your massage and felt good– that’s great. But was it as good as it could, or should, have been? How do you evaluate the quality of a massage? Could you be feeling better and more relaxed? Was the relief from aches and pains as much as it should have been? The feeling after a massage is subjective and it cannot be evaluated on a 1 to 10 scale – every person is different and the results will vary. However, there are some key factors that you can evaluate to find out how good your massage has been. [Read more…]

The Psychological Benefits of Massage

the-psychological-benefits-of-massagePeople get massages for a number of reasons – they feel good after it, it helps them to relax, to ease pains caused by injury or lifestyle and so on. What many who love their massages do not realize is the psychological benefits that they derive from it. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a major benefit of massage is its ability to provide mental relaxation and stress relief. There is a direct connection between the body and the mind. That is why when we are under mental stress, our bodies lack energy and strength. And when we are physically worn out, our ability to concentrate and focus is reduced. A professional massage therapist knows how to use massage to benefit both the mind and body. [Read more…]

Massage Therapy Is Not Just a Luxury, Anymore

One of the main reasons why people go for massage is for the feeling of relaxation, reduction of tension and peace that comes from it. While these are all good, there is more value to a massage. It is defined as “systematic therapeutic stroking or kneading of the body.” In other words, massage is a therapy. And therapy means “healing.” There are various types of massage to choose from but the growing popularity of Thai massage and its scientific approach to health and well-being means it is one to actively consider when choosing a massage that will bring the most benefits. [Read more…]

Thai Massage vs Swedish Massage

Adult or child, everyone loves a massage. What is important is getting the type of massage that provides the results you are looking for. There are two popular massage therapy options – Swedish massage and Thai massage.  Knowing the difference between them will enable you to make the right and most benefiting choice between the two.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is based on the Western understanding of physiology and anatomy. The aim is to promote relaxation and, in specific instances, healing of the body. It uses six main techniques – stroking, gliding, kneading, rubbing, pounding and shaking. These are applied in various combinations, depending on the results that are aimed for. Oils and lotions are used to soothe the skin and increase the effectiveness of the massage. Because of this, the client is normally required to be undressed and wear only a towel. [Read more…]

Children Benefit From Massages

Touch is the first sense to develop in human beings. A newborn is able to see, hear and smell his/her surroundings but unable to interpret what the inputs are. Touch, however is different. A mother’s touch is, from the first moment it happens, a soothing and calming experience which starts the bonding process and enables the love to grow. As a child matures, touch remains a constant imperative in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Child massage is a common practice in many Eastern and African cultures. It is used to soothe, relax and heal the children and by doing so, promote their overall health and growth.

Children Suffer From Stress

Stress is happened on an adult also is the big problem hidden on children too. Starting school or going to a new class, moving to a new home, managing difficult subjects, coping with family problems (even if not fully understood) and peer pressure are just some of the stressful situations which children are faced with. While these may seem to be relatively minor issues to an adult, for children, who are not yet equipped to deal with them, they are major problems. The relaxation that comes from a massage helps them to cope with the stress and take a more positive attitude to the challenges they face. [Read more…]